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It is a gift - the practice - yours -
which remembers poetry in the body -
and restores everything to its right relation.
I was depleted from an enormous project and the acupuncture restored and returned me to myself like nothing else could. After an initial treatment, the color returned to my lips immediately - I could feel the movement of strong energy - and perhaps most importantly - I felt like my heart was opened - that I could work again from a more kind and responsive center.
Ann Hamilton 

When I came to acupuncture, I was in generally good health, had a great job, beautiful house and the promise of all good fortune. I was in therapy and despite this seemingly idyllic picture I knew that I needed to make some big, difficult, and what seemed to be terrifying changes in my life. As I tried to imagine making these changes, I could feel a deep resistant energy that kept pulling me back to the idyllic picture and the safe, comfortable life that inhabited it. I had not done acupuncture previously and didn't really understand just how it worked,  but had always been interested in the relationship between mind, body, and spirit. Since I was already doing therapy, I wanted to see how acupuncture might work in conjunction with it to help me move into these uncharted waters with clarity and conviction rather than fear and ambivalence.
I worked with Graham consistently for the better part of a year. I came to understand that we were really working together in this process and that everything depended upon that. As an artist, I felt like this work was an extension of the creative process and each session brought its own revelation and understanding. Graham's skill, expertise, understanding, and insight inspired confidence from the beginning and did indeed help me make the leaps necessary to re-imagine my life and clear a path to renewed strength and awareness. Doing this work in conjunction with therapy was quite profound and I continue to build on awarenesses that developed during this period. When I look back, I see this time as a major turning point and one that helped change the trajectory of my life forever.
Name Witheld 

My name is Dawn Hampton. I am a swing dancer. In 2012 I was struck with a severe case of sciatica. Being a dancer himself, Graham was very aware of the importance of my getting well so he invited me to come from New York City to Alfred so he could treat me. He also came all the way to New York and did a house call to follow up. Oh yes, I have been blessed to have been under the healing hands (and needles) of Graham Marks. Oh yes, I'm dancing again. God bless you Graham.
The Light is on, always
Dawn Hampton

I began my acupuncture experience in 2000. I was interested in achieving balance in my life. As a first grade teacher, my professional life could be chaotic at times. I had no specific issues with pain or chronic problems. I was, however, a "worrier", and I wanted to let go of all that. My experience from the very first appointment was, and has always been, one of subtle and amazing changes in my emotional well being. Over the years there have been issues in my life centered around grief, anxiety, and worry. Acupuncture allowed me to address these issues from a more balanced perspective, with a subtle shift in perspective and energy. 
I live two hours from Graham and I'm often asked why I travel so far for my appointments. Graham's calm and gentle presence is one of the reasons. Graham shares his knowledge and wisdom from a human perspective, and always with compassion. Having his professional expertise in my life is like having a secret rabbit's foot in my pocket. Acupuncture allows me to experience more joy, peace and happiness.
Stephanie B. 

Over 15 years ago, I had a career as a social worker, specifically as an investigator of adult and child abuse which I had been doing for 17 years. It was a "good" job, with "benefits" but it also came with lots of emotional and spiritual challenges that eventually leveled me. I found no good answers in western medicine. Luckily, I found Graham Marks. I am not being dramatic when I say that my first visit changed my life. From the moment I entered his practice, I was made to feel at ease, the treatments de-mystified, and his skill, compassion and attentiveness created such a healing atmosphere! From that first treatment, when we talked about change, and making "leaps of faith" I felt supported, encouraged and just plain better! So good, in fact, that I took a deep breath, stepped off the edge of my cliff, and quit the "good" job that had been so very bad for me. Over the course of the last 15 years, Graham Marks has been there for me, helping me through things as simple as tendonitis, as serious as cancer, and as emotional as death of a loved one. Graham's wisdom, humor, professionalism and kindness have added more to my life than I can ever express. Thank you, for all you do.
Pam E. 

Our youngest daughter had many health issues and spent too much time in and out of hospitals and doctors offices. At one point the medical profession sent her home with a very short time to live. She started seeing Graham for treatment and she lived another year with very good quality of life. We are grateful for the extra time we had together. It is sometimes very hard to express your heartfelt appreciation for someone who has given a loved one an extended period of time in which to enjoy life.
Andrea Reisen 

I recommend Graham Marks for acupuncture wholeheartedly and without reservation for anyone interested in this marvelous modality. Though information about acupuncture for physical ailments is widely available, less publicized is its value for personal growth, expansion of consciousness and energetic clearing, which was my goal. As a mature professional, I wanted to keep healthy and continue to grow.
My experience of Graham was of an impeccable practitioner; as a healer he far surpassed my expectations. His warmth, listening skills, true intent to be of service to others is of the highest caliber. Add to that his passion for his craft and you have all the elements of the same rewarding outcomes I enjoyed.
Mary Kathryn Saville, RN, BSN. MBA, Naturopathic Doctor 

 Five years ago I was struggling to get pregnant with my first daughter after a sad miscarriage. On month 8 of trying to conceive, I went to see a fertility doctor who recommended that I start trying fertility treatments because I was already 37 years old. My husband had some reservations and I had heard that people who were trying to conceive seeked acupuncture treatments. So I called Graham and asked for an appointment. When I explained that I was in the first week of my ovulation cycle he made room for me for the next day. At that first appointment I felt immediately at ease, in good hands, and hopeful. Not only was his interview thorough, but Graham was kind and a good listener. I went to see him once a week, was able to conceive my daughter Mia that same month, and have been raving about the miracle ever since. And this would have been enough for me to continue to talk about how wonderful Graham is, yet, there's more, the miracle happened twice. And the second time was even more amazing. This time I had been trying to conceive another baby for 2 years, and had been undergoing extensive fertility treatments for 8 months when I found myself driving back home to Alfred, as I do every summer since I had to move to Philadelphia four years ago. I was getting ready to give up the treatments since by now I was close to turning 43 years old and I wasn't responding to the drugs. I decided to try one more time with acupuncture and I called Graham.  Again I was on my first week of ovulation and he found a spot for me the next day. I continued acupuncture once a week, started responding to the drugs, made it to IVF, and am now almost 7 months pregnant with another baby girl. I cannot endorse Graham enough for his skill, warmth and kindness. I will forever be grateful to him for helping me become a mom.
Ariana H. 

I came to seek treatment through acupuncture for depression after the death of my 4 year-old daughter. At the time, I was seeing a psychologist for many months and he recommended medication as part of his treatment. I was uncomfortable with this thought and continued my search of how to move forward. Amongst my reading about dealing with grief, I came across the use of acupuncture with the idea of getting my mind, body and spirit to work together. It seemed much less invasive to me than drugs and I was compelled to give acupuncture a try. At the very first session, Graham was extremely compassionate as I shared my story and my wishes to heal. I was moved by his ability to understand me from day one. He explained how acupuncture can help with depression and was very hopeful that he could assist me. The treatments were very powerful to me and brought out many emotions that I had a hard time letting go of. I was feeling more benefit from my sessions with Graham than I did with my counselor, and decided to continue. Every session released more and more grief I had suppressed deeply. The “needles” were a comfort to me, as I realized it was a way to “let go” of my pain. I also shared with him, another problem I was having – infertility. He shared with me that this was another area he felt acupuncture could be helpful. I proceeded to see him on a regular basis. My husband and I also persued fertility treatments and upon our first attempt my husband and I became pregnant! I continued to receive acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and delivered a very healthy baby girl. I truly believe that acupuncture aligned my mind, body and spirit to get me through the most difficult time of my life as well as achieve my dreams of building my family. I am forever grateful to Graham Marks! Graham’s warm manner, professionalism, knowledge of acupuncture and skill allowed me to live a life of my dreams. With much gratitude,

As the due date for my second child came and passed, my doctor told me that I had a few more days until she would perform a caesarian section if my baby wasn’t born naturally. I remembered hearing great things about Graham Marks and the same day I called him, I received a call back, and an appointment that very evening!
The acupuncture treatment that Graham performed was surprisingly calm and relaxing, and not painful as I had thought it might be. Graham is extremely understanding and compassionate, and he explained everything very clearly and answered all of my questions, which made me feel immediately at ease. Following the treatment, I went home hoping for the best. I can attest to Graham’s skill and the treatment’s effectiveness, because 6 hours later I went into labor, and 8 hours later my water broke! The following afternoon my healthy baby boy was born! Following the birth of my son, I have continued seeing Graham for help recovering from labor. 
Graham is a rare peaceful soul.  I only wish I had sought his wisdom and effective treatments sooner! I will be forever thankful for the gift of laboring naturally, a quicker recovery, and the care I received from Graham!
Laura M. 

Thank you so much for your wonderful acupuncture practice. With God leading me to you I was able to have a healthy baby girl. She is a blessing and we enjoy her everyday. Thanks for being part of our great miracle.
Christine S. 

In the deep winter of December of 2010, I fell and severly broke my ankle leading to a complicated surgery with eight scews and a plate to hold my ankle bone together. The whole thing was traumatic. Graham came to my house before and after surgery to give me acupuncture to ease the intense pain, to speed healing, and to regulate all my other systems. Graham was wonderfully empathetic and flexible to make an old fashioned house call and was a calming presence for my husband also. Two years later, I walk and go to the gym and have scheduled surgery this summer to take out the hardware. I have moved to Oregon, but if I could fly Graham out to aid in the process, I would in a NY minute!
Kymberli C. 

I want to thank you for helping relieve the pain that I have endured for several years. I suffered from severe back pain and tried to find help through medication, exercise, and chiropractic support. All of these efforts helped to some extent, but I still hurt and needed something more. About 18 months ago, I came to your office inquiring about acupuncture. I'm so glad that I did. You were able to give me the help I needed to alleviate my pain. I found the treatments to be painless and relaxing. My back pain was relieved and with continued treatments I also found that your help brought pain-relief for my shoulder and breathing difficulties. I highly recommend your treatments to anyone who wants to find pain relief.
Kevin O.

I'm sorry I didn't meet Graham years earlier for my longstanding neck and lower back problems. Of course I had tried everything short of surgery to relieve chronic pain that ranged from somewhat tolerable to occasionally severe, which included ultrasounds, chiropractic, massage, and prescription pain medication. They all helped some, but their effects were always short-lived. I was a bit skeptical of acupuncture, but open-minded about its effectiveness. After all, nothing else had given me the relief that I had hoped for.
That all changed after I met Graham. He put me at ease quickly, listened carefully to my list of symptoms, and told me what to expect. I found the environment in his office to be very relaxing and therapeutic. After the actual treatment which lasted a total of thirty minutes, he scheduled a couple more visits, thinking they might be necessary because of the severity of the discomfort I was feeling at the time. The next morning my neck felt slightly improved, but not dramatically so. After the second visit, however, the results for me were stunning. I really couldn't believe the relief that I felt, and my neck pain has never been severe since. After I returned another time for my back issues, I got equally impressive results. He did say that I may need occasional "tune-ups" in the future, and I look forward to seeing him again.
I can't say why Graham's treatments have worked so well for me, but I can say that I think that there is something to traditional acupuncture, and that Graham is a talented and knowledgeable practitioner.
Tim Gibbs


Thank you so very much for helping me - not only with the acupuncture, but with the compassion you showed me with accepting what I could pay at the time. The past five years I have received very little compassion and financial help with my injury and you can't possibly know how much you helped to increase my hope. The pain is the most controlled that it's been. Thank you for restoring my faith in caring human beings.
Donna B. 

WOW! No more migraine headaches! Perhaps it was eight or more years ago that I was introduced to Graham Marks, with the suggestion I explore acupuncture as a source of relief not found in any other attempts to alleviate migraines in all the years I had experienced them. Search for triggers had disclosed no clues. At the time of my first appointment with Graham, I had suffered six three-day long incapacitating migraines, bed ridden and vomiting, in a period of about nine weeks, which was much more frequent than usual. After our first appointment, of nearly two hours, the migraines were gone. No headaches remained and I have experienced no further problems in all the years since then. On rare occasions, with the initial threat of another, one OTC migraine headache tablet stops it in its tracks, something that was never possible before Graham’s ministrations. When Graham then asked if there was anything else I wanted to address, I said “Yes! Sleep deprivation!” describing many long years of sleeping in snatches night after night. Results of that one treatment had me sleeping like a baby. It was wonderful! I then knew where to go for a tune-up in that regard if ever I felt the need. In the years since then, I have made sporadic appointments based on other particular needs and for “seasonal tune ups”. Graham presents a gentle, calming spirit in an office setting where art, and music provide restful ambience appropriate to the healing environment. I have always felt ministered to when seen. I sleep in the recliner chair with needles in place. The experience is so relaxing that even reading a favorite book would be an intrusion. His is a healing nature, which encompasses understanding of the wholeness of the human condition. I felt respected as a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual being. In a gentle, non-invasive way, Graham explores what might be helpful to consider in terms of dietary preferences, stress reduction, herbs, vitamins, rest, fresh air exercise, etc. Graham has a special gift. As a former RN, I count myself extremely fortunate to have experienced his healing gifts and personable qualities. It is a pleasure to recommend him to others who are struggling with their own sufferings. Graham is a truly a blessing in this field.
Sue F. 

I highly recommend acupuncture treatments with Graham Marks for pain as well as a multitude of other problems. He succesfully treated me for headaches and he has been very helpful in treating many of my pain patients.
Dr. William Carstens, D.O., Medical Director of Pain Clinic at Jones Memorial Hospital, Wellsville, NY 

I was referred to Graham Marks by my VA doctor who felt that the muscle spasms in my neck were serious and not responding to traditional approaches. I had read about acupuncture but was skeptical that it could relieve my chronic issue. At my first appointment, Mr. Marks quickly put me at ease by openly encouraging questions and explaining the procedure. The treatments themselves are virtually painless and within just a couple sessions I began to notice substantial improvement. With continued treatments, the length of pain-free time kept increasing, and as it did, the appointments were spaced farther and farther apart. Eventually, the spasms in my neck (which also had generated severe headaches) became so minimal that all I needed were periodic sessions.
Needless to say, I am very impressed with Mr. Marks' knowledge, easy going mannerisms, and flexibility in scheduling. I was also thrilled that the chronic and painful situation that I had suffered from has been all but eliminated. I would readily recommend that anyone with chronic pain issues discuss them with Mr. Marks for an honest appraisal.
Charlie W.

Somewhere in my 40's I started getting headaches, lots if them. I tried to figure out where they were coming from. Were they hormonal, they did come around my menstrual cycle? Were they from tension?  My job was stressful and my mom had just died.  Were they injury related? I had taken some bad falls from my horse. I tried over the counter pain relievers, heat, cold, massage, chiropractic, and yoga with some relief. My doctor tried migraine medicine which took the edge off but left me feeling off and not myself.
Finally, a friend and counselor suggested Graham. It was an hour's drive to his office, but so worth it. Graham was kind, informative, gentle, caring and his treatments are the only thing that worked. My headaches are pretty much gone and my overall well being improved. Graham seems to have the "gift" within him. I have and would continue to highly recommend him.
Lisa B.

I first came to Graham for help with my headaches, at a time when they were both chronic and frequently very severe. I was also going to a headache specialist at that time, who prescribed many drugs at a time, many of them very strong, and none of them seeming to be of any help .
I did not want all those drugs and I wanted to get my pain under control.
One huge mistake that I had made, was to take too much over the counter pain medication in an effort to avoid stronger medications. This caused rebound and therefore more pain. My pain management doctor wanted me to address this problem. I tried on my own, and failed. I asked Graham for help. Through acupuncture and Graham 's positive attitude and encouragement to help me, I was able to conquer this. Acupuncture has made a huge difference in the frequency and level of pain.   It has also helped me take less prescription medication for my headaches. Now,the headaches are under much better control. Although I will always be " a work in progress," I am learning to make simple but meaningful lifestyle changes that support my acupuncture treatments and help my body between treatments.
Graham is an excellent acupuncturist. He is highly skilled in his techniques and combines this with being compassionate and listening to one's needs. He is perceptive as well. Graham is able to determine the treatment one needs for each particular visit. He also gives excellent practical suggestions for things to do at home to enhance treatments. Graham is gentle and encouraging. He does not give up, even in tough situations, which treating headaches can be.
I feel that I have benefited greatly from coming to Graham and he has been literally life changing for me. I hIghly recommend him.
Dorothy U.

After a serious car accident I contacted Graham for treatment and he has helped me recover when no one else could help me.
Christopher J.

I was very stressed and not sleeping well. A friend recommended Graham Marks to me. I was a bit hesitant about acupuncture but I had reached a point where I was willing to try it. Graham thoroughly explained the treatment and made me feel completely comfortable. I could not believe how amazing I felt after the first treatment, not only did I feel like myself again, but I started sleeping better. Thank you, Graham!
Ion R.

I have been saying for the last nine years; where has all my energy gone? I don't know where it went and I do know that it has come back! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I know you have wrought a miracle in my life.
Dorothy F. 

I first went for acupuncture treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was apprehensive about needles being stuck into my body but I was willing to explore the potential of receiving help using this alternative method of treatment for my very limited level of energy that was so debilitating. I was told due to the severity of my condition I might not experience immediate results, that it might take several visits before I would see any noticeable improvement. It did take about eight treatments. But then there was a definite shift in my energy. At last I had found a therapy that was of benefit to me. I was so relieved. For me, finding Graham was a God send. I know I would not be functioning at the level I am today if it were not for him and the help he has provided for me in dealing with my illness. I have continued to receive treatment over the years as it is a chronic disease. The acupuncture also helps with my emotional health and wellbeing. I'm so grateful to have ongoing support and care.
Graham's main priority is to HELP people. He wants your visit to be totally about you and for you. He provides a place to rest and escape the stress of daily life that enables your treatment to be even more effective. Graham is very trustworthy, caring, kind, sympathetic, empathic and supportive. Just being in his presence is very comforting and calming.
Sandy G.

I saw Graham for treatment of my hyperthyroid condition. Graham spent time describing the treatment, and what I should expect. He was very professional and thorough. After several treatments and changes to my diet, my hyperthyroid condition began to resolve. I would recommend Graham for his acupuncture expertise.
Brenda Szabo, PT, DPT, Vice President of Diagnostics and Rehabilitation Services, Jones Memorial Hospital, Wellsville, NY

My son fell on our front steps and ruptured discs in his lower back. He was in terrible pain and stayed in bed all the time. I took him to every doctor we could find and the only solution was surgery and nerve blocks. I felt we had to find another way. With acupuncture my son started to get better - at first just pain at night, then no pain. The acupuncture is amazing , just amazing. Praise the lord, acupuncture is really a good treatment. Graham is a kind and knowledgeable man. Recently we found my son has hypothyroidism and after Graham started working on him for that his levels are up and normal....without drugs. Praise the Lord, this is good treatment.
Barbara J. 

Graham Marks treated me with acupuncture when I contracted Bell's palsy a few years ago. The right side of my face was affected by this condition and I was unable to make the muscles move on that side of my face. My face was droopy, My smile was crooked, my eye would not close completely and I couldn't pucker. After I was diagnosed by my doctor, I went to Graham for an acupuncture treatment. (I had never before experienced acupuncture.) Graham took me into the cozy treatment room, asked me some questions about my symptoms, described the process he would use and made sure I was completely comfortable. He placed the acupuncture hairs (the use of the word "needles" implies something sharp and painful, so I prefer to refer to them as hairs) into my ankle, wrist and earlobe. There was a slight itching sensation, but it was not really painful. He then left me in a very comfortable recliner to relax for about an hour. Okay, now for coolest part....the results! During the first part of the appointment, when he was taking notes about my condition, Graham asked me to whistle. Normally, I can whistle a tune better than Andy of Mayberry, but, much to my dismay and try as I could, I was unable to pucker enough to whistle. Well, after the treatment, he again asked me to whistle and much to my surprise and delight, I was able to get a whistle out! I was very impressed and pleased. The palsy wasn't completely gone and wouldn't be for another couple of weeks, but it had improved enough in an hour's time to allow whistling.
Graham creates a relaxed and warm atmosphere with his calm, gentle, and compassionate personality. He has wonderful knowledge about this "Art" of healing. I will use his service again and will continue to recommend him to anyone needing this kind of help.
Wendy W.













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